Wedding Day PhotoAbout Rachel:

Welcome to the Mason Maison! I’m Rachel, a 20-something newlywed living and working in Northern Virginia. I love spending time with my family, slowly but surely fixing up our 75-year-old home, watching trashy reality TV, attempting to cook, eating everything and anything involving carbs, cheese and chocolate, traveling and exploring new places.

I’m not a chef, I’m not a photographer, I don’t wear cute Pinterest-worthy outfits every day (in fact, I pretty much live in a rotating uniform of t-shirts, sweaters and jeans). But I love blogs, and I think it’s a great way to keep my family up-to-date and to look back on the things I’ve done. I’m fairly certain my mom and sister will be my only readers.

About the Name:

So what does “Mason Maison” mean? Well, the word maison means house in French, and my husband and I live on a street called Mason. When we moved in, my sister and I jokingly nicknamed our new place the Mason Maison, and it stuck!


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