Winter Solstice, Early Christmas and Light Fights

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I’m SO ready to kick off a nice relaxing week with the family, and we had a great weekend to get the holiday party started.

On Friday, we celebrated the winter solstice, which is an annual event in my family and one of my favorite traditions. We got together at my parent’s house for a delicious dinner and then took turns lighting candles and making wishes for the year ahead. You can wish out loud or silently, and it’s so nice to take a quiet moment and put some positive energy and wishes into the world.

Winter Solstice

That same night, my husband and I jumped in the car and headed to Richmond for an early Christmas celebration with his family.

First order of business when we arrived: some puppy love from their weimaraner Lexi! (She doesn’t look too thrilled, but I promise, we’re buddies.)


In addition to eating delicious food nonstop and exchanging gifts, we also took a tour of some UNREAL Christmas lights. My brother-in-law’s friend does a phenomenal light display every year, so we drove to check it out. In fact, his friend is one of the contenders on the ABC show the Great Christmas Light Fight! His episode airs tonight at 9 a.m. and his display is called Hadley’s Winterland.

Hadley's Winterland

I mean, how amazing is that? The pictures don’t even do it justice.

photo 3 Hadley's Winterland

The display included a TON of lights and figurines and an arch with lights that moved in sync with Christmas music. Not to mention a zillion other awesome elements. If you live in the Richmond area, it’s a must see!

And we obviously had to take a picture under the mistletoe:

Hadley's Winterland

We saw a few other awesome houses to wrap up the night.

Hadley's Winterland

I can’t even fathom the amount of time and energy that goes into these displays. So fun to see, and the perfect way to kick off Christmas!